Wealth Building Real Estate Investments

Notice / Disclaimer: These residential lots (parcels) are being sold "AS IS", in whatever physical condition, including topography and/or location the parcel may be found at the time of sale, subject to all existing covenants, conditions, restrictions, reservations, exploration rights, easements, rights of way, or lack of same, assessments, zoning of record and any land use restrictions.

As a potential buyer you should inspect the property and/or investigate it's suitability and usability prior to making a purchase, including availability of access and utilities or lack of same.

You are encouraged and responsible to do your due diligence thoroughly, including a physical inspection of property if at all possible and make sure that property is suitable to your needs. All information and images comes from accurate sources. There is no warranty expressed or implied and all sales are final.

So Cal Residential Home Sites (lots) . . . Practical Sizes, Affordable, Unimproved, Growing Areas, Equity Gains

Owner Financing Available !  All you need is just a 1% Deposit  to start the Transaction. This is your opportunity to own Real Estate !

These days a Subdivided Custom Residential Home Site (lot) is probably one of the Best Real Estate Financial Investment decisions you can make. It's a Tangible Investment, meaning that you can Physically See and Touch it and it's in limited supply. P. D. Land for new and existing residential tract homes (cookie cutter) have Exploded to Unaffordable levels. Home Prices will continue to Rise. Land Supplies continue to Rapidly Decline. This has now resulted in an Increasing Demand for Existing and Approved Subdivided Residential Custom Home Sites located in the lower density areas just outside of the higher density Cities. As an Owner/Builder you control the size and cost of your custom home. As an Investor you can just sit back and enjoy watching the Price of your Custom Residential Home Site  Gain Equity over time. The smart way to more $.

These are the Real Facts:  About $70.00 per day will need to be Saved for 5 Years to Afford a typical Down Payment on a Home !

This is the Niche of Real Estate you should be investing in for your Future ! ! 

Stop following the Herd of Sheep ! !

Secure Tangible Asset Investment  *  Low to No annual maintenance  *  Property Tax Deduction  *  Equity Loan  *  Owner / Builder site
Hold and Resell  *  Rental possibilities  *  No HOA  *  No monthly fees or dues

* Owner Financing Available
* Low Down Payment
* Affordable Monthly Payments
 * No Credit Check
* Everyone Approved
* Clean Titles 
*  Transfer by Grant Deed