Lots 16 & 17 on Kuntzford Road (off of Burnt Canyon Road)

Lot Corners Surveyed. Established Home Right Next Door.

4,350 sq' (.099 ac) Residential Lot

County of San Bernardino

APN 0342-073-16 

$2,499   Sold !- Closed in 14 days !!
Lot 70 on Deer Run Road, high demand area, and just off of, and to the left of, the main arterial road of Burnt Mill Canyon Road.
Up Slope, 2,614 sq' (.060 ac) residential lot, Zoning: CF / RS-1,  APN xxxx-xxx-xx-0000
    County of San Bernardino    GIS Map

Notice / Disclaimer: These residential lots (parcels) are being sold "AS IS", in whatever physical condition, including topography and/or location the parcel may be found at the time of sale, subject to all existing covenants, conditions, restrictions, reservations, exploration rights, easements, rights of way, or lack of same, assessments, zoning of record and any land use restrictions.

As a potential buyer you should inspect the property and/or investigate it's suitability and usability prior to making a purchase, including availability of access and utilities or lack of same.

You are encouraged and responsible to do your due diligence thoroughly, including a physical inspection of property if at all possible and make sure that property is suitable to your needs. All information and images comes from accurate sources. There is no warranty expressed or implied and all sales are final.

Lots 1 & 2 on Mojave River Road. Large Double Corner Lot

5,868 sq' (.134 ac) Residential Lot

County of San Bernardino

APN 0343-272-51-0000 

Lot 140 on Mojave River Road.

2,506 sq' (.057 ac) Residential Lot

San Bernardino County

APN 0343-272-62-0000 

Cedarpines Park, San Bernardino County  All Utilities Available - Mapped Access Road Easements

* Please do your "Due Diligence" Prior to Making an Offer. Online County Websites and Parcel #s provided for your Property Research needs.

Lot 11 on Mojave River Road.
2,615 sq' (.060 ac) Residential Lot

San Bernardino County

APN 0343-053-40-0000  


Lots 82 & 83 on El Valle Road (off of Burnt Canyon Road)

Existing Pad, Address has been assigned to lot 82 as 22136 El Valle Rd.

Lot Corners Surveyed

4,540 sq' (.104 ac) Residential Lot

San Bernardino County
APNs 0342-125-42 & 0342-125-50